Dan Simons Out Front with Forbes: Formula for Leadership Model Success

Dan Simons was recently approached by Forbes magazine to discuss his business leadership style and recipe for success.

When a business industry media giant like Forbes comes calling, what’s one to do? You set forth and provide contributor Jeff Boss with an honest, hard-hitting account profiling your business leadership style – the highs, the lows, the lessons learned.

 The result: Why This Leadership Model Simply Cannot be Argued With.

Now garnering media and industry attention, Dan wanted to share some snippets from the article outlining our work with longtime VSAG client, Farmers Restaurant Group.

“The seed from which a business grows will forever define it, so choosing and assembling the DNA requires mindfulness from the start,” says Dan. “For us, this creates the fertile ground our company culture grows from… All of our work, from our management structure to our martinis, is driven by who we are and what we believe.”

Some of Dan’s top leadership practices:

  1. Home is the where the heart is

The formula for building a successful, ethical business? Assemble a team that believes in, and puts their heart and soul into, what they’re doing and how they’re doing it.

  1. People matter and people contribute

“Our people matter… we make sure that everyone who is involved in our business has a voice that can be heard. It makes us better. And it makes what we do, and what we all care about, part of the business,” says Dan.

  1. Work hard first, then shine and share

Expect the best of everyone on your team, including yourself. “We work hard, and some of our process is visible, but most often, it’s the work behind the scenes that makes something great,” Dan says. “This may be a little different than current culture where every moment is tweeted or snap-chatted while it is happening, but in this way, our company is a bit old school.

  1. Success grown with care

Running an ethical, commitment-based company is smart business, one that Dan and his team believe in.

Read the full article here.