Coffee is King: Big Business in a Cup

coffee-copy1Is it just us, or is there a coffee shop, cafe, or specialty sandwich shop serving coffee on every street corner these days? It seems so. And evidently that’s good news for today’s U.S. business traveler, as coffee reigns king on their expense reports.

According to a study conducted by the folks at online expense management provider Certify in their recently released SpendSmart™ Report, coffee is big business in a cup… with Starbucks ranking as the number one meal expenditure choice for today’s weary business travelers in need of a cup of joe (and some food).

Take heed of these findings: Casual restaurants can improve their bottom line by enticing business travelers with a broad range of coffee items, quick sandwiches, salads, and snacks. Specialize your offerings by infusing local flavors into various hot and iced coffee menu items and dish ingredients.

Highlight the locally flavored items on your menu, and soon you’ll see that giving flavors a local boost will offer business travelers a taste for the area they’re visiting and connect them to your place of business (and bonus: it will also encourage regulars to try the new offerings!).