Cheers to the Holidays!

The holidays are here, and we’re getting into the spirit. Our bar & beverage teams are busy working with our clients to craft on-trend festive menus with a signature twist for restaurant holiday menus.

Our team knows the value the holidays can bring to your bar businesses. Market research firm, Technomic, reports that alcohol sales during the fourth quarter of the year can account for up to 30% of a restaurant’s cocktail, spirit, and wine & beer sales overall. Here are some best practices to keep you in the holiday spirit (and in the black) this season and beyond.

Great pairings. Pairing craft cocktails, wine, beer, and bubbly with festive dinner ideas and festive party food this holiday season will not only extend the spirit of the season, but it will also benefit your bottom line. Guests will appreciate the extra step your team takes to offer them food & beverage pairings to make their holiday meals extra special. This attention to detail is what sets a restaurant apart from the season’s competition.

Craft a special holiday cocktail. Creating a holiday-centric cocktail is a great way for guests to toast to the holidays while dining in your restaurant. Try a refreshing champagne cocktail for guests to celebrate the holidays or ring in the New Year. We love a signature Punch Bowl Cocktail, such as one made with vodka, lime juice, hibiscus syrup, St-Germain liqueur, and of course, Prosecco.

Offer the good stuff. Guests want to see, taste, and order premium liquors. Today’s consumer is looking for your bar to offer well-crafted drinks made with prestige liquors. Industry trends are showing quality over quantity making its mark this season and beyond. Look to include premium whiskeys and vodkas to your bar’s shelves to either pour on their own or mix into craft cocktails.

Rediscover the Highball. Our trend masters are clear: the Highball is making a comeback. The classic, a base spirit topped with a larger pour of soda water, is back in fashion. And we’re loving it. Our clients, Farmers & Distillers just added a Highball section to their all-new drinks menu that is already a popular choice with guests. Using a modern Suntory Highball Machine to carbonate and chill their Highballs to perfection, they are featuring everything from their own creation to a Tom Collins to a Proper Gin & Tonic.   

Keep it classic. Who doesn’t love a traditional Hot Toddy, some scratch-made Eggnog, a smooth & rich Irish Coffee, or a decadent Hot Buttered Rum made to holiday perfection with butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg mixed with dark rum? Guests will love these classics and more, not only during the holiday season, but all winter long.


*photo: Farmers & Distillers Proper Gin & Tonic