Are Pancakes The Next Big Thing on Your Plate?

Ah, pancakes. The mere thought of these much loved, fluffy delights conjure up scenes from a bustling kitchen on weekend mornings, an old-school diner, a packed pancake house restaurant, or a great brunch with family and friends at a favorite local spot.

Recent trends show that you’re not alone. Pancakes have long been a breakfast staple, but we’re seeing a trending surge in restaurant pancakes and interesting takes on pancake menu offerings that are far cry from the original pancake recipes we loved as kids.

Reinventing the perfect pancake to serve as unique twists on these perennial guest favorites are coming in all tastes, ingredients, and toppings. We’re seeing traditional buttermilk flapjack recipes turned upside down with main ingredients like oatmeal, sourdough, buckwheat, and even coffee flour paired with cocoa powder for a rich, delicious flavor filled with vitamins and protein.

For a sure crowd pleaser, try not only some of these innovative ingredients, but also get creative with toppings so guests can come back and enjoy different options. From bananas foster to caramelized apples and cinnamon to sour cherries to blueberry compote to crème brûlée, experimenting with different ingredients and flavors will yield great results.

And, who doesn’t love pancakes for dinner or a late-night snack? Try adding seasonal flavors and delicious toppings to a pancake dinner menu or pancake late-night menu, and see how much your guests will love digging into a hearty, warm stack one night soon.

*photo: breakfast is served at DC’s Farmers & Distillers.