All-American Classics

FFT 08 Fredde LAs we gather today to celebrate our nation’s Independence, we love the plethora of all-American, timeless dishes that represent the foods and tastes of our great nation.

From classic, creamy potato salad and deviled eggs to traditional apple pie and freshly made, ice cream (after all, July is national ice cream month!), we want to savor it all.

So, why not strive to keep the spirit alive and celebrate the all-American classics of summer on your restaurant’s menu(s) all year long?

Sure, your brand concept and menu direction might not reflect all-American flavor profiles, but you can capture the essence and highlight ingredients, preparations, and styles from dishes that are classically American and add a uniquely interesting spin.

Some fresh takes on all-American classics:

  • If barbeque is your specialty, sprinkle some fresh-cut, smoky bacon over a creamy red bliss potato salad or incorporate sautéed red onion, and a hint of brown sugar, molasses barbeque sauce into a side of baked beans to add a caramelized, sweet ‘n savory profile
  • If seafood is your specialty, reinvent traditional deviled eggs with fresh seafood combinations such as lobster, crab, smoked salmon and the like
  • If south of the border fare is your specialty, add some fresh-cut cilantro and either red chilies for heat or red bell pepper for sweet crunch to a corn salad for a deliciously great side all year long

Enjoy creating fresh takes on all-American, classic main dishes and desserts all while remaining true to your brand concept and menu direction.

20130205_FoundingFarmers040-1*Founding Farmers apple pie

*top left photo courtesy of Founding Farmers Tysons, featured artists