Yelpy Insights: Helping Users Filter Their Restaurant Wants and Needs

With millions of user-contributed reviews, is a great online resource for people looking for peer-vetted and reviewed businesses, spas, restaurants and more.

Since there is so much useful restaurant information and content available on Yelp’s website, the offerings can prove overwhelming for those simply searching for something special or a specific interest … Enter: Yelpy Insights.

As the name suggests, the Yelp powers-that-be listened to their followers and designed two new filters which allow users to enhance and narrow search results and analyze reviews/keywords to match food specifications and age.

The first Yelpy Insights filter targets vegetarians and vegans. While it seems obvious to just have searched those two words, it wasn’t that simple. So, Yelp engineers combed through their vast data and designed a filter to narrow down a search and highlight reviews that share these criteria, thus enhancing the search experience and the findings. For example, the filter aims to allow vegetarians and vegans who want to dine with friends who eat meat find a burger joint that offers great veggie options and a great burger.

The second filter focuses on age groups. Yelp users who reveal the year they were born on their profile help the system navigate through and display the best options to fit their specific age brackets’ wants and needs.

Restaurant services professionals should not see these filters as limiting, but as an asset for attracting more guests so make sure you classify your restaurant appropriately so you get targeted by the right filters.

The ‘Liked by Vegetarians’ and ‘X-Somethings’ filters can be found in the ‘Features’ section atop Yelp search results pages.  If all goes well, Yelp plans to expand upon this design and create more Yelpy Insights for additional specifications as well.

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