Yelp! Using this Valuable Resource to Your Restaurant’s Advantage

One of the most important restaurant tools to come out of the multi-media explosion are information websites such as Yelp.  These Internet sites are invaluable resources that instantly get your restaurant’s name out there and help you herald your restaurant services and cement your restaurant branding.

As a social networking-driven site with more than 54 million visitors monthly, Yelp features user reviews and local searches which allow consumers to find businesses in and around a specific locale.  Yelp takes it a step further, allowing its network of users to rate and review their experiences, thus validating and vetting restaurants for fellow users.  In this super mobile, technology driven world we now live in, the more you can take advantage of utilizing every resource – both online and offline, the better. The more developed your profile is, the better the chance that many of Yelp’s millions of savvy visitors will turn into paying customers for your business, whether in their hometowns or while traveling.  This is certainly a new wave of brand advertising that will give you more mileage than placing menus on someone’s door step.

So, how can restaurants use Yelp as a sales builder?

  • Information Provider: Make sure your profile includes as much information as possible, such as your address, hours of operation, website specs and more.
  • A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: So make sure you put lots of pictures showcasing your delicious food and beautiful decor
  • Seasonal Promotions: List special promotions – from a unique Valentine’s Day cocktail to a special Winter Menu – to let guests know about your seasonal offerings.
  • Guest Feedback: Read your reviews with a non-biased eye.  Track trends: Do you have 10 comments about steaks being overcooked?  Maybe your meat chef needs a little more training.  Sign up for a business owner’s account and learn how to respond to guests.

In short: By using these social-networking based search sites, you can create a whole new medium of promoting your restaurant services and reinforcing your restaurant branding. Utilizing this web tool will prove beneficial to your restaurant’s success and secure your restaurant’s footprint in a technology-driven, forward-thinking world.