VSAG & EVEN™ Hotels Create New Wellness-Focused Food & Beverage Concept

The latest in hotel innovation comes from the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) with the launch of their new wellness-minded brand, EVEN Hotels. Designed to set the industry standard for meeting the needs of today’s busy travelers, EVEN Hotels chose VSAG to partner with them on the food & beverage program to be featured within each hotel property.

The end result is Cork & Kale™ Simple. Natural. Good Ingredients. Read the full press release HERE.

Cork & Kale Logo_EVEN HotelsOur mission from day one? To develop, test, and implement a new menu for Cork & Kale that embraced the wellness-minded guiding principal, and would elevate the experience for EVEN Hotel guests. Promoting health and wellness means eating well, resting easy, keeping active, and accomplishing more… all while traveling and staying in their hotels.

“The EVEN Hotels project is a perfect example of how clients, partners, consultants, and purveyors can work together to create an exceptional new brand,” says VSAG’s Dan Simons. “Better than that, we’re all really excited that one of the first EVEN Hotels is in our back yard [in Rockville, MD] and that we can see firsthand how our work has come to life through such a dynamic new concept.”

Our team first worked closely with the IHG and EVEN Hotels concept team, and once the direction was approved, we teamed up with the nutritional consultants at SPE Certified to ensure that our approach to healthy ingredients, sourcing, sustainability, and food preparation met their strict certification standards.

EVEN Hotels AM (Breakfast) Offering_EVEN Hotels smFrom the fast casual Cork & Kale Market grab-and-go items and the “Good to Go” pre-ordering service to the upscale casual Cork & Kale restaurant offerings and bar experience, all components were created to “…raise your spirits and nourish your soul,” according to EVEN Hotels. With customizable menu options to hand-crafted cocktails made with fresh herbs, natural mixers, and organic spirits, everything VSAG developed for the new concept met the goal for guests to have access to healthy, high quality, freshly prepared foods and beverages at any time, where only delicious, natural ingredients were used.

To further strengthen the Cork & Kale concept and staff awareness, we also developed an EVEN Hotels Eat Well training program where team members undergo an F&B focused certification process to understand and communicate information to guests about the Cork & Kale menu, including nutritional content and health benefits. Also, to adhere to our belief in transparency, complete nutritional information will be available as well for all EVEN Hotels menu items.

For more information on the upcoming EVEN Hotels openings, the first of which are slated to open in July 2014 in Norwalk, CT, followed by the Rockville, MD location, please read the full press release at IHG.com.