VSAG Client Postive Pie 2 Voted Best Pizza in Vermont

VSAG is proud to announce the recent recognition of Positive Pie 2 as Vermont’s Best Pizza Restaurant outside Chittenden County by the Vermont Seven Daysies Annual Guide to Readers Picks. The second location for Positive Pie, Positive Pie 2 opened in 2005 and is widely recognized for its delicious made-from-scratch, hand-tossed pizzas, extensive cocktail menu, and laid back vibe often set to live music.   VSAG has worked with the restaurant since 2007 to improve overall operations, management and growth for the company.

According to VSAG Vice President of Implementation Ray Camillo, “We’re very proud of our client, Positive Pies.  By clearly defining their brand, they were able to see where they were in the marketplace, and where they wanted to be with plans for growth.   With that perspective, adjustments were made very easily, which has led them to this new level of success.

Positive Pie restaurants owner Carlo Rovetto selected VSAG for a full review of the restaurants’ operations, finances, brand management, production and execution, measurement, and control. VSAG’s expertise in top-to-bottom enterprise and operations review and full systems implementation allowed Rovetto to focus on employing tighter management controls. VSAG worked with Rovetto to dissect the restaurants from a guest perspective and advise Positive Pie on brand identity, public image, and produce placement.

VSAG also developed execution procedures for procurement and production, including an order guide system, best practices recognition, prep-to-shelf-life philosophy, and product validation.  Additionally, VSAG helped streamline Positive Pie’s electronic information flow from cashier and server to kitchen stations, leading to maximum efficiency.  The company’s financial operations were closely monitored and analyzed, as VSAG performed a full profit and loss scrub and then taught six weeks’ worth of profit and loss review classes with the Positive Pie team.

“VSAG helped get all of our operational systems in order,” says Rovetto. “Before they came to our business we virtually did not have any systems. With VSAG’s help, we were able to develop sound systems from ordering to kitchen systems to labor management and beyond.”  Rovetto continues, “I feel that our employees really felt the true and authentic desire to make positive changes to our restaurant, and that feeling that they got started with VSAG’s ability to connect with each individual.”

VSAG developed a new system for inspecting the business through information tracking, and with a new chart of accounts and profit and loss statement structure, VSAG advised Positive Pie to use that information in order to drive results. “By getting everyone rowing in the same direction, execution thrived and Positive Pie’s ambience and décor told a clear and united story,” says Camillo. “The staff knew their role and the chef was able to focus on refining existing recipes and presentations.”