The Power Brunch

Nobody can pass up a great weekend brunch! Including this option on your weekend menu is always a great decision as guests will love lingering through the late morning over eggs, pancakes, fruit, breads, brunch-centric beverages – and of course a great cup of coffee.

And US diners are a leading indicator of the popularity of this day part. According to Technomic’s recent survey, Pushing the Boundaries of Brunch, roughly nine out of 10 consumers (89%) surveyed eat brunch out at a restaurant at least occasionally.

The survey also revealed that brunch appeals to diners not only because it allows for quality time spent with friends and family, but also because guests love indulging in classic brunch foods and it is perceived as an ample meal at a lower price point than eating out for lunch or dinner.

Keep it easy on your staff and your food costs by providing an a la carte menu, and guests will feel right at home. Here are some dish and accompaniment ideas for brunch that guests are sure to love.

Farm Fresh Egg Dishes. Eggs are the brunch staple. Not only tasty and healthy, eggs are also versatile. Whether serving them scrambled, over easy or sunny side up, Benedict style or in omelets and frittatas paired with fresh vegetables and cheeses … eggs are a perennial crowd pleaser, and a low food cost item.

Signature Brunch Fare. Traditional favorites, such as buttermilk pancakes, waffles, and French toast are at their best topped with fresh maple syrup, seasonal fruit and fresh whipped cream/whipped butter. Think seasonally with variations like pumpkin for fall, or blueberry for summer.

Accompaniments. No brunch would be complete without a selection of sides: smoked bacon, cured ham and breakfast sausage, an assortment of fresh English muffins, rolls and biscuits, and hearty helpings of hash browns, grits, and sliced fruit. Some guests don’t eat eggs, so alternatives are nice.

Beverages. Fresh squeezed juices (orange, grapefruit, cranberry, carrot) and fresh brewed coffee are musts. And to really jump-start adult guest’s brunch, offer classic cocktails such as Bloody Mary’s, Bellinis or Mimosas.