Neil Neufeld

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Neil has garnered a wealth of experience managing nearly all aspects of both restaurant and food retail operations. His career path has taken him from his beginnings as a line cook to chief operating officer and VP, giving him the broad range of knowledge that is so valuable to VSAG and our clients.

After graduating from the University of Maryland, Neil managed and restored several concepts for a restaurant group when a prospect was presented for him to join the team on the ground floor of a new, upscale market & bakery concept. Neil embraced this opportunity and expanded his food service skill set to include retail, catering, and managing multimillion-dollar operations.

Neil then expanded upon that experience within a competitive gourmet market concept in Austin, TX, where he managed the design, creation, facilitation, and daily operations of a six million dollar store remodel. He went on to oversee the operations of a highly successful multi-unit specialty market where he created and implemented an innovative labor system, which successfully reduced store labor by five percent.

One of Neil’s specialties is the turnaround. He has a unique talent for thoroughly assessing a concept’s needs and then developing and implementing a plan to achieve measurable results. For example, he built, systematized, developed, and grew franchise operations for a group of gourmet food stores and cafés from five locations to 100 within just five years.

Neil also believes in emphasizing clear communication at every turn in order to foster positive work relationships, which drives results and impacts all levels of business. Positive reinforcement and team building, while still holding people accountable, have proven essential ingredients in his recipe for success.