Hamza Nihal

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A resident of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and fluent in numerous languages, Hamza possesses extensive knowledge of how business works in the Middle East and the importance of cross-cultural communication skills for today’s multinational companies.

After earning his MBA in Strategic Business Management, Hamza worked for the Middle Eastern firm Revin, the research arm of The Circle Integrated, a large communications consultancy. There, his experiences included developing business plans for large corporations, locating and signing strategic partners for various projects, and acting as the internal point of contact for TCI’s various agencies. Hamza then worked with BrainTower, a European consulting company, representing them in the Gulf Cooperation Council.

When Hamza moved on to DNA (Design & Analysis), he continued his focus on business development and the acquisition of strategic partners through his oversight of DNA’s Strategic Business Unit. In addition to working with a number of retail and food-related clients, one of his biggest projects was to attract companies and consumers to the King Abdullah Economic City.

Hamza left DNA to become a senior consultant at the multinational Aman Group, where his responsibilities included leading research and development for investments and managing existing business ventures in the retail, real estate, and F&B industries. During his time at Aman, Hamza earned a second MBA in Marketing.

Hamza was recently recognized for his marketing expertise in the Middle East as the panel speaker on digital marketing at the Restaurant Business Conference, organized by Dubai’s Department of Tourism and the Emirates Culinary Guild.

Combining his lifelong love of food and drink the world over with his passion for unearthing and capitalizing on unique opportunities, Hamza offers us, and our clients, a wealth of F&B industry knowledge and experience.