Alexis Thury

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To Alexis, restaurant service is much like an on-stage performance, with each guest as the ultimate audience member. She draws on her fine arts degree from New York University and her stage performance experience to skillfully choreograph all front of house service and training operations.

Alexis’ restaurant career began at the front desk of a high-volume restaurant in New York City. As she excelled and her role evolved, Alexis became a corporate trainer for the same successful restaurant concept. She was responsible for structuring training programs, implementing front desk operations systems, and coaching staff to maintain corporate standards. Alexis proved herself to be a vital part of opening the brand’s second large location in New York City, along with additional store openings in Boston and Los Angeles.

Alexis went on to expand her range with a move from restaurants to hotels. Still in New York City, she led a multi-outlet hotel operation and managed a team of 200 for a global hotel brand. She cultivated talent and developed management and service professionals. In this role, Alexis also partnered with the human resources, finance, culinary, and purchasing departments to ensure the success and profitability of the hotel’s restaurants, lounges, bars, and in-house coffee outlets.

In 2008 Alexis joined VSAG as director of training and service operations, where she played a key role in the opening of Founding Farmers DC and MoCo’s Founding Farmers, along with sister concept Farmers Fishers Bakers. Immersed in all elements of the client’s restaurant, she supervised the Manager in Training program, ongoing education curriculum, peer review, testing and training syllabus for front of house teams, and service strategy.

Alexis’ depth and breadth of knowledge in restaurant and hotel operations, training, and management make her a true expert in the field. Her passion for excellent service and high standards is unmatched; as is the value she brings to every project.