Seeking a management candidate is a tall order. But, we know what to look for. Our recruiting team specializes in discovering talent. We focus on finding the best possible fit for our client’s brand and their work environment, all in an effort to better their business.

We put our special brand of discovery in place, checking all the boxes from background checks to interview prep. Then, we take it a step further. We help perspective hires prove themselves and earn qualification as a certified VSAG-approved candidate. Ensuring success for our recruiting team and our client. And our hospitality management recruiters function in the same way. 

What do we look for in a manager? Dynamic, responsible, outgoing, self-starters who genuinely love the industry, but our searches go beyond that. We look for candidates who demonstrate the ability to seamlessly bridge the gap between staff, back office, GM’s, and owners. The role of restaurant or kitchen manager isn’t easy: part referee, part cheerleader, part teacher (… we could go on) – but it is rewarding.    

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It’s about finding the right fit. Let our team help you find your next restaurant manager. The same holds true if you are in the hospitality business… there is no need to search for other hotel management companies or hotel executive agencies, we’ll do your hotel management recruitment right here.