Successful Restaurant Operations 101

We thrive on accepting challenges from clients to devise specialized strategies to suit their needs. In our effort to explore Successful Restaurant Operations 101, our focus is one such program we developed for client, Farmers Restaurant Group (FRG). FRG asked … read more

Earth Day: The Original Sustainable Movement

What is Earth Day? Forty-eight years ago today, on April 22, 1970, our environmental sustainability consciousness to leave the world a better place for generations to come was ignited. Then: In 1970, it is reported that millions of people took … read more

VSAG Client Opens New Restaurant

Our client, Farmers Restaurant Group, opened lucky seven today, Founding Farmers Reston Station!  The company’s second Founding Farmers in Virginia, and seventh restaurant in their growing farmer-owned family, Founding Farmers Reston is located in the transit-friendly Reston Station in Reston, … read more

What Do Restaurant Consultants Do?

A topic our team wanted to explore and answer for our clients, and prospective clients. What is a restaurant consultant? How do you become a restaurant consultant? What does a restaurant consultant’s typical day look like? And maybe the most … read more

Staffing Made Simple: Finding the Perfect Fit

Yes! You’ve found the perfect restaurant staff candidate. You hire them. But, somewhere along the way, either you or your team member isn’t satisfied. You part ways. The takeaway? You get a great arsenal to create your restaurant staffing playbook: … read more

Top 3 Tips for Successful Menu Design

We love when readers, clients, and prospective clients alike respond to our news blogs and take away some useful information, and even inspiration, that they’ll utilize to improve their business. Over the years, many of our topics have trended with … read more

Dan Simons Out in Front

VSAG’s Dan Simons was out in front recently discussing two important industry topics: the importance of implementing sexual harassment and discrimination team training, and his participation in an upcoming Food Tank Summit. In a timely piece featured in GW Hatchet, … read more

Upping Your Video Ante: 5 Key Ingredients

A video is one of the best marketing tools an operator can invest in. The marriage of visuals, messaging, and the feeling of exclusivity the viewer gets from watching, gives your brand a voice. A voice you control. A voice … read more