March is National Nutrition Month. How Can You Mark It?

At VSAG, we believe in Real Food, and in transparency in what we do and what we encourage our clients to do. In offering guests the freshest, most nutritional foods possible, it is the intention that they enjoy the experience while in any establishment of our clients, but also that they are inspired to serve their families and own guests healthy, fresh fare that they’ve encountered in the restaurants.

That is why we partner with other restaurant industry professionals to provide information on resources, education, and to focus on the importance of making informed choices and serving real food whenever possible, and not only in March as it marks National Nutrition Month, but all year long.

For the past four years, we have enjoyed an ongoing partnership with George Washington (GW) University’s Urban Food Task Force, an initiative that brings GW faculty, students, staff, and volunteers together in the shared interest of healthy eating and sustainable food production/policy.

We’re proud to play a part in the task force goal of developing scholarships and educational information and instruction on sustainable urban food policies, in proper training in healthy eating habits, food preparation, and sustainable food choices not only to GW students, faculty, and staff, but also the greater Washington D.C. regional community.

With your restaurant or food service operation, it is possible to get involved and take a stand to support the importance of promoting healthy, nutritional fare to your guests during National Nutrition Month and beyond. Focus on creating healthy and educational initiatives such as donating to your local sustainable food bank, hosting ‘Healthy Eating’ seminars in your restaurant where your chef/s might conduct a fresh dish demonstration (bonus: you will not only educate/engage guests, but hopefully they’ll stay to sample your delicious fare), and/or partner with a local nutritional expert or farmer to create specialized, seasonal menus using only locally grown ingredients.

Healthy eating should be every day, and led by those of us that are the arbiters of food service.