Your Desk is Ready: Career Path Options in the Restaurant & Hospitality Industry

We know that the restaurant and hospitality industry is a faced-paced, ever changing, challenging, yet highly rewarding long-term career choice. And, it seems as though the approximate 13.5 million employees agree with us.

In fact, a recently released Workforce Research study entitled “An Industry of Opportunity” was conducted by the National Restaurant Association (NRA) from information gathered from nearly 5,100 of the U.S. restaurant and hospitality industry’s current (or former) workers.

The study offers compelling insight into the sense of pride, contentment, opportunity, and growth seen at all levels and age groups of the restaurant workforce. Promising news for the corporations, companies, and businesses that are making investments in the future and seeking to fill positions for skilled and talented service industry professionals.

Some highlights from the study:

  • One in three Americans got their first job in the restaurant industry, and many took that opportunity to build life long careers
  • Seven out of 10 restaurant employees said they’d likely continue working in the industry until they retire
  • The median industry tenure of restaurant manager and business operations employees was 20 years. And for those over age 55, the median was more than 30 years
  • Over two-thirds of operators say their first industry job was in an entry-level position

VSAG Director of Recruiting Dan Kelly offers that the study is great evidence of how we view ongoing efforts to develop and grow talent from within a company. “We’ve always realized that the restaurant and hospitality industry is one of opportunity,” he continues. “There are few industries where so many entry-level employees start with a dream to open their own business and are eventually able to do so because of the knowledge, skills, experience, and insight they’ve gained from working in restaurants or hospitality.”

For more information on the NRA study, visit NRA Workforce Research. And for further information on our VSAG recruiting services and insight, go to VSAG and view our recruiting video “It Comes Down to Talent” here.