Commitment Pays Off in the Restaurant Industry

As big believers in growing our employees from positions within our company, we found a recent informational graphic report on the state of commitment in the restaurant industry intriguing.

New research from the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Educational Foundation highlights current restaurant industry statistics demonstrating that commitment and dedication to the restaurant business comes with big rewards, oftentimes including bonuses and long-term career opportunities.

The stats say it all:

  • 7 of 10 restaurant employees plan to stay in the industry until they retire
  • 71% of restaurant managers earned a bonus within the last year
  • Median restaurant industry tenure of restaurant managers and those in business operation positions = 20 years … and so on

So, keep your recruiting antennae up. It all starts with seeking out passionate, dedicated, hard-working employees to fill your team, then rewarding them with loyalty, training programs, and support by way of food & beverage discounts when on (and off) the clock, building a performance based tiered bonus structure into your annual business plans, and the like. Yes, of course you have to hire well, but after that it is all about company culture. The investments in your people will pay off.