VSAG Adds Farmhouse Pizzas to Farmers & Fishers Menu

VSAG’s chefs are back at the pizza oven, this time with farmhouse pizzas.

Pizzas from a farmhouse? Never heard of it? Well, for something classic yet new with a farm-fresh twist, Farmers & Farmers & Fishers' New PizzasFishers now has a vibrant selection of artisanal pizzas on the menu.

The chefs are dedicated to serving true, American-farm ingredient pizzas that include selections like ‘New Haven Clam Pie’, the ‘Loaded Baked Potato’, ‘American Salami and Tender Meatballs’ and ‘Firefly Goat Cheese, Leek and Wild Mushroom’, just to name a few.

Fresh ingredients are prepared daily, starting with the special sourdough made from the finest flour in the States. Next, fresh tomatoes are hand-crushed and combined with just the right seasonings for a full-bodied sauce. Each morning, fresh mozzarella is hand-stretched, but is only one of the 11 different types of cheeses included with the ‘Build Your Own’ options. All meats, sausages and cheeses have been selected from the finest American artisans. Finally, each pizza is cooked in the special stone deck, 800-degree oven, turning out a crisp and chewy crust with a scrumptious flavor.