Dear Potential Client,

You’ve probably come to our site because you’re searching for a firm to hire and you’re checking us out to see if we’re the right one. Here’s the good news: we don’t have salespeople, we aren’t pushy, and there’s no downside (or risk) to simply chatting with us.

Yes, we are a serious, professional services advisory firm with a fantastic track record of creating, running, and improving food-related businesses… but more importantly, we’re nice, we’re passionate, we’re fun to work with, and we deliver.

At our core, we’re restaurant operators and company builders. Over the years, we’ve expanded our expertise well beyond restaurants into just about anything with a food or beverage component. So if you’re looking for a firm to design a car wash, don’t call us. But if your current needs indicate that you need improvement, and food or beverages are part of the mix, what are you waiting for? Chances are, you can’t afford to wait any longer.

We take on clients when we feel strongly that we can make an impact and get results for them. The best scenario is one where there’s money to be made for all involved, and when we feel we share common ground when we do business. What does that mean? If we’re not sure about getting the results, we don’t take the project. If we don’t think you’re nice and that our team is a good match, we don’t take the project.

We take our work seriously, which sometimes means we’ll be e-mailing you at 4 a.m. and we’ll get a little passionate or crazy about the project. But, overall, we’re a fairly sane, smart, stable team with a long history of working together and accomplishing great things for our clients.

Finally, yes, some projects are too small, but no projects are too big. The real question we post to you is: “Should You Hire Us?” To answer that, the first step is to reach out and contact us. Don’t worry, the best thing that could happen is that you hire us… and we do fantastic work for you!



Michael Vucurevich, Dan Simons – Co-Founders

Amber Hartman – Managing Partner & Vice President of Restaurant Operations

Tom Prykanowski – Managing Partner