Guiding a Global Brand into New Hospitality Markets

Our VSAG team was pleased when asked recently to host a private Chinese investment group for a multi-day, thought leadership, in-depth restaurant & hospitality industry fact-finding strategy session that successfully took us from boardroom roundtable discussions to restaurant visits in major U.S. markets such as Washington, D.C, New York, and California. Our Goal? Engaging with industry experts and the best restaurant consulting minds in the business to strategically gauge best practices on guiding a global brand into new hospitality markets. And hence, making the most of business opportunities overseas. Our Strategy? Provide as much usable content related to all facets… read more


VSAG in the News: “Foodie and the Beast” Talks to VSAG Principal Dan Simons & Executive Chef Joe Goetze

Our Principal Dan Simons and Executive Chef Joe Goetze recently sat down with Washington, D.C.’s popular weekly live radio food and wine variety show, Foodie and the Beast, to chat about client Farmers Restaurant Group’s new restaurant, Founding Farmers Tysons with show host Nycci Nellis. Dan and Chef Joe didn’t waste any time getting right into talking about what everyone loves most: Food! And Chef Joe didn’t disappoint as he showed up with a delicious preview of treats from Founding Farmers Tysons, complete with delicious pastry creme filled Jefferson Donuts as well as the new sweet & savory Farm Bread Grandma Bev’s Ham Cookie Spread for the Foodie… read more

Founding Farmers Tysons Opens! It’s All in The Details

As any restaurant consulting company can attest, watching your team’s hard work come to fruition is nothing less than thrilling. And for our team of food & beverage consultants, today is one of those great days – as we witness our client, Farmers Restaurant Group, open the third installment in their highly successful Founding Farmers brand of restaurants. Located in Tysons, VA, Founding Farmers Tysons pays homage to rustic life on a Virginia farm while offering guests all the modern amenities, engaging and whimsical spatial design, and delicious, fresh-from-the-farm food they’ve grown to love from the Founding Farmers franchise. As the… read more

Join the Fight: World Cancer Day

Each year, February 4th marks World Cancer Day. And as restaurant consultants who care about the guests our clients serve in their restaurants every day, we wanted to mark the significance of this day by offering some industry-specific ideas in the hopes of making a difference in the fight against cancer. As current statistics demonstrate, approximately a third of cancers could be prevented through physical activity, diet, and maintaining a healthy weight. Since the restaurant & hospitality industries can use our platform to positively influence two out three of those preventative measures, that knowledge in and of itself makes our industry… read more

On the Farm: VSAG BarnStorming 101

What better way to pave the road to sustainability than developing a working farm to supply product to your restaurant … and beyond? As curious, inquisitive restaurant consultants we’re always looking for new, exciting opportunities to improve upon our client’s businesses and poise them (i.e. you) for growth and long-term success. We wanted to share a recent information gathering “BarnStorming” (yes, we believe we coined this farm-related term) session we conducted for our Farmers Restaurant Group client Founding Farmers restaurants. Our goal was to not only investigate opportunities to take their already successful farm-to-table concept to the next level, but… read more

Meat Lovers Rejoice!

Who knew? January is National Meat Month. And even with the meatless Mondays trend and the growing desire for meatless options, there’s still another six days of the week! The wintery blasts of arctic air ushers in the perfect opportunity to highlight some fabulous, flavorful meat dishes on your seasonal winter menu offerings. From freshly roasted brisket to hearty rib eyes served with classic, hand whipped mashed potatoes to a heaping plate of savory slow-braised beef short ribs; the delicious dish possibilities for celebrating meat lovers this month are infinite. One of our all-time favorite seasonal meat dishes? Warm and… read more

What’s Hot & What’s Not: Food Trends 2015

The restaurant industry blogosphere will be in overdrive this month with news blogs touting the top food trend topics to look for in 2015. Yes, as our title suggests, as food and beverage consultants we think it’s important to talk about trends, as they are an important element of our business. We are shaking things up a bit from the typical trend list though by speaking to recent trends we think will fall out of favor this year and what we’d LOVE to see take flight in ’15: What’s Hot: Food Trends to look for this year. GMO’s will remain… read more

VSAG Client News: Founding Farmers Covered by Bloomberg Businessweek

2014 marked the sixth year since the opening of Founding Farmers and it was the biggest and best year yet for this VSAG client. When a major news publication writes about one of our clients, we are more than excited to shout about it! We’re pleased to share the Bloomberg Businessweek feature article, “The Farm to Table Restaurant Chain,” recently published in their special year-end ”Good Business Issue.” Businessweek reporter Bob Parks went in-depth for the story, spending two full days with Farmers Restaurant Group Partners and Concept Developers Dan Simons and Mike Vucurevich to learn more about how the… read more

Commitment Pays Off in the Restaurant Industry

As big believers in growing our employees from positions within our company, we found a recent informational graphic report on the state of commitment in the restaurant industry intriguing. New research from the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Educational Foundation highlights current restaurant industry statistics demonstrating that commitment and dedication to the restaurant business comes with big rewards, oftentimes including bonuses and long-term career opportunities. The stats say it all: 7 of 10 restaurant employees plan to stay in the industry until they retire 71% of restaurant managers earned a bonus within the last year Median restaurant industry tenure of restaurant… read more

Global Food Destinations

Why not take your restaurant guests on a fabulous trip abroad? We are not suggesting purchasing first-class plane tickets; we’re more practical than that. As restaurant and hospitably industry professionals, we know that a great meal, featuring deliciously intriguing, quality-sourced ingredients, can transport any guest. So, take yours on a culinary adventure they won’t soon forget by highlighting some of the worlds most loved, signature flavor profiles. It’s not about reinventing your brand concept or following the latest food trends, it’s more about keeping your menus interesting, and getting creative and inspired by discovering traditional, global ingredients and flavor combinations,… read more