Dan Simons Out Front with Forbes: Formula for Leadership Model Success.

Principal Dan Simons was recently approached by Forbes magazine to discuss his business leadership style and recipe for success. When a business industry media giant like Forbes comes calling, what’s one to do? You set forth and provide contributor Jeff Boss with an honest, hard-hitting account profiling your business leadership style – the highs, the lows, the lessons learned.  The result: Why This Leadership Model Simply Cannot be Argued With. Now garnering media and industry attention, Dan wanted to share some snippets from the article outlining our work with longtime VSAG client, Farmers Restaurant Group. “The seed from which a… read more

Dan Simons on Industry Watch

Recently named one of Entrepreneur’s 10 Personal Branding Experts to Follow This Year for his innovative concept development and championing of environmental protection, workers rights, and ethical operations, Principal Dan Simons is oft sought out for his honest, well versed take on the daily challenges of running operations for a successful restaurant consulting company and restaurant group. Now, Dan is out-front once again addressing restaurant & hospitality related topics for consumer and industry operators’ consumption.  With topics ranging from Corporate Responsibility to Handling Explosive Growth to New Business Concepts & Ventures, here’s a roundup of some of Dan’s recent press coverage.*NOTE:… read more

For All You Sweet Potato Lovers…

Oh yeah, February is Sweet Potato Lovers Month! And we concur. Our team loves the yummy, satisfying sweet potato for its naturally sweet taste, nutrition value, and versatility. Bake, boil, roast, mash, sauté, or glaze ‘em – sweet potatoes are one of the most well-loved, versatile, and oldest veggies out there. Fun facts: sweet potatoes come in over 400 varieties, with colors ranging from orange and cream to deep purple and pink, and can be traced back to prehistoric times. So, for all you sweet potato lovers out there… here are some sweet potato nutrition facts, dish ideas, and more…. read more

Let Your Restaurant’s Artwork Speak for Itself

Choosing artwork for your restaurant may seem an arduous task you feel you’re bound to fail. Fear not. We’ve gone straight to our Creative Director Leah Frankl for her aesthetic expertise. As an interior designer and LEED Accredited Professional, Leah’s art & design experience and well-trained eye allow her to guide clients on creating fully functional, cohesive, sustainable design spaces. As artwork is oftentimes an investment, we were interested in exploring this concept. How to choose restaurant art that fits within the design and feel of a space? Are there any general rules of thumb when choosing artwork? How to… read more

Ongoing Investment in Food & Restaurant Technology

As we look to the future, making an ongoing investment in food and restaurant technology will help you grow as a brand and as a company. Food Science & Technology. An interesting topic as it’s continually evolving. Defined by the Institute of Food Technologists as the study of the physical, nutritional, and chemical makeup of food, food science also seeks to uncover the causes of food deterioration. Whereas, food technology applies those disciplines to the selection, processing, packaging, and preservation of food. In short: maintaining food safety and making a conscious effort to impart advanced, sustainable, repurposing methods to reducing… read more

Where Can I Find the Best Market Research on Restaurant Industry Trends?

What helps define a brand from the get go? Their clientele. Many restaurant brands have a wide lens when envisioning what they hope their restaurant will become. But in our experience, that lens usually needs refining in order to set a restaurant business apart and find their niche… to not only get customers in your door, but keep ‘em coming back. As such, a concept’s focus should be routed in and shaped by the audience to which they speak to, cook for, and foster relationships with. Enter: the value of Market Research. What are the characteristics of a population? Where… read more

VSAG Client News: Farmers & Distillers Opens!

The reservation call center is busily up & running, the staff is trained and happily serving hungry guests, the booze is flowing, and yes, the doors are open. We’re thrilled to announce that our longtime client, Farmers Restaurant Group, has opened their latest venture. Located in the cool, culturally diverse Mt Vernon Square neighborhood in the heart of Washington, D.C. Farmers & Distillers is primed to be the next successful venture in this growing restaurant group. Along with sister restaurants, Founding Farmers and Farmers Fishers Bakers, Farmers & Distillers continues the brand’s farmer-owned concept, but with a twist: this restaurant… read more

5 Tectonic Shifts and Challenges Facing Restaurant Owners and Operators in 2017

As we move into 2017, our team is ready to take on new business and guide our established clients to successful restaurant and hospitality endeavors. An important part of our business practices is forecasting the trends we see as viable industry practices, ideas, and evolutions for the coming year. Our biggest callout? Sustainability. The importance of leaving this planet better than how we found it, is a continued, evolving source of interest, education, and involvement. Here are the Top Five Tectonic Shifts and Challenges We See Facing Restaurant Owners and Operators in 2017. Food Trend: Hand-Pulled Noodles. One of the most beloved,… read more

VSAG on Sustainability Watch: Client News Feature

Word of our company’s and our client’s sustainability efforts and work with The George Washington University (GWU) has been featured in the GW Hatchet, an independent, well-established student newspaper serving the GWU community of Washington, D.C. Our very own Vice President of Conceptual Projects, Valerie Zweig, is featured in the article discussing our successful partnership with GWU’s undergraduate honey bee research and beekeeping program, now approaching it’s sixth year “It’s been a great partnership,” Zweig said. “We love the connection within the community and really love how the bees have inspired us through everything.” As a company, we guide our… read more

VSAG Team Talk: Dan Simons on Corporate Sustainability Responsibility

“I think no matter what your political or scientific views, everyone can agree that clean air, greenery, and a sense of community are important to happiness.” Here, here … Dan Simons! Just a taste of VSAG Principal Dan Simons’ feature this week on top entrepreneurial resource site, Alltopstartups, as he discussed the important, relevant restaurant & hospitality industry topics of corporate sustainability and environmental mindfulness. As a nation, we’ve watched and listened as these issues have been discussed, and debated, of late. But, how do these broad, overarching themes boil down to our business practices? Speaking on behalf of our… read more