Time is Money: The Benefits of Creating an Effective Daily To-Do List

We’ve all been there. Not enough hours in the day. Days in the week … You know the drill. Time is precious. Working within the fast-paced realm of the restaurant & hospitality industry as food service consultants, we put out fires (sometimes literally!) daily. Within such a busy and demanding environment, daily tasks constantly get placed on the backburner. But, we fortunately have a Principal, Dan Simons, who is a little (dare we say?) obsessed with time management and how to BEST utilize your time. We love the methods and tactics Dan shares with us during training sessions – and… read more


Congratulations VSAG Principal, Dan Simons, on the Washington SmartCEO Cornerstone Award Win

Kudos to our Principal, Dan Simons, on winning the prestigious Washington SmartCEO Cornerstone Award! Dan was recognized not only for his tireless dedication to our growing company and our entire team, but also for his role as Partner with successful VSAG client, Farmers Restaurant Group (FRG), and in particular their Founding Farmers restaurant located in Potomac*, MD. As the SmartCEO Award was created to celebrate Washington, D.C.-area businesses making their mark within the region as not only economic drivers, but also as companies who’ve successfully made a positive impact on job creation and retention, market competition and innovation, as well… read more

VSAG on Watch: Antibiotics & Food Safety

The call for fewer antibiotics to be used within our nation’s medical system as well as within our food supply has been answered within the hallowed halls of the White House. The catalyst: reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that at least two million illnesses annually in the U.S. alone, and approximately 23,000 deaths, are believed to be attributed to antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Legislatures recently issued a memorandum to combat these numbers by encouraging responsible use of antibiotics in not only our medical communities, but also within our agricultural system. Namely, to educate food producers (i.e…. read more

Industry News: Monthly Restaurant Sales Exceed Grocery Store Sales

Great news for the restaurant industry: according to the U.S. Census Bureau, for the first time ever: monthly sales at restaurants exceeded grocery store sales this past December. And the news continues, as this trend has intensified in the months since. Reasons for this unprecedented benchmark have been offered by consumer research* in part as follows: 63% of those surveyed feel more confident in their financial situation 56% revealed that their bank accounts have been buoyed by the recent drop in gas prices 46% said it’s because their household income increased and … overall within the survey, 33% said they… read more

Celebrate a Summer Harvest: August is National Peach Month

Fresh peaches are perhaps one of summer’s more perfect bounties. Yup, we’re talking the mouthwatering goodness that comes from biting into a fresh peach and the joy that ensues when the sweet juice runs right down your face! As August is National Peach Month, it’s the perfect time to celebrate this deliciously versatile summertime classic. Whether featured on summer menus as: a seasonal standout freshly sliced over a green salad or as a tasty side all on its own a savory dessert: perhaps served poached in a light, syrupy glaze or a featured gelato flavor paired with other fresh fruit,… read more

Summer’s Top Beverage Trends ’15

Some of the summer drink trends pouring onto beverage menus this season are fresh, healthy, and delicious. From creative juices flowing from fresh and yummy juice bars to refreshing twists on the timeless iced tea, we love these summer beverage trends! The Juice Bar. Can prove a risky business venture as juicing programs feature fresh fruit (thatcan turn on a dime) and costly cold press equipment, and the like. But the benefits of offering diners healthy freshness in a bottle often outweighs the risk for those willing to dedicate themselves to devising a streamlined, innovative program that sets them apart…. read more

NRA Study Reveals: Restaurant Employees are Proud of What They do

And why shouldn’t they be? The restaurant industry has witnessed continued growth within recent years and compelling new research focusing on Who Works in the U.S. Restaurant Industry released by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF) reveals that employees are proud of what they do. In fact, as one in three Americans got their first job in the restaurant industry, many have built life long, successful careers as owners, operators, and chefs. With that dedication and success also comes great pride for their chosen field. Some top percentage statistics from those employees surveyed that are proud to work in… read more

VSAG Client News: Farmers Restaurant Group to Open Farmers & Distillers in Fall 2016

Our longtime client, Farmers Restaurant Group(FRG), owned in part by North Dakota Farmers Union, announced this week the opening of a new concept, Farmers & Distillers. Farmers & Distillers, a sister concept to the Founding Farmers brand of restaurants, will continue to serve farm fresh, delicious food & drink for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch that Founding Farmers guests love. But this innovative concept will also feature a highly anticipated on-site distillery inspired by America’s original entrepreneur and distiller, George Washington. FRG’s Beverage Director Jon Arroyo and his team are working closely with Master Distiller Rick Wasmund of Copper… read more

All-American Classics

As we gather today to celebrate our nation’s Independence, we love the plethora of all-American, timeless dishes that represent the foods and tastes of our great nation. From classic, creamy potato salad and deviled eggs to traditional apple pie and freshly made, ice cream (after all, July is national ice cream month!), we want to savor it all. So, why not strive to keep the spirit alive and celebrate the all-American classics of summer on your restaurant’s menu(s) all year long? Sure, your brand concept and menu direction might not reflect all-American flavor profiles, but you can capture the essence… read more

VSAG on Transparency: Top 3 Tips for Designing an Open Concept

Miriam Webster defines “transparent” as: able to be seen through, easy to notice or understand, honest and open, not secretive. What better way to welcome your guests and have them connect with your space the minute they walk through the door, then with the transparency of an open design concept? While it may not be your style to put your full restaurant on display, carving out specific areas where guests can get a great view of your team and their culinary skills (i.e. a portion of your kitchen or a dessert station), is great for the business of transparency. Bonus:… read more