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Your concept is running smoothly, guest count is the same as last year and the food is tasty, but you just can't seem to make the transition from good to great. Let the VSAG team of operators, chefs, food consultants, and systems experts dig in and expertly find the ways to improve your operation by implementing systems, building a new model of hospitality design, training your staff, upgrading your menu design and beverage programs, enhancing your current successes and bringing everyone together to meet new goals.

The result? An efficient operation, higher guest counts and amazing food.

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Where your operation is weak, VSAG will repair, strengthen and improve it with these tools:

Daily Operations Improvement Service

  • 24/7 systems that turn chaos into calm
  • Food culture
  • Crew development
  • Comprehensive staffing systems
  • Hospitality and service excellence

Labor Management System Service

  • Planned and controlled labor
  • Productivity measured instead of just labor percentage

Front Desk / Host Stand Improvement Service

  • Wait times minimized
  • Restaurant kept truly full
  • Front desk operations optimized to increase speed of table turns


Is your one-store unit scalable to 50?

Are your 25 units in two states scalable to 300 all over the country and beyond?

Should you go from three units to eight and then expand in other regions?

Whether your concept is ready to explode onto the scene or just needs help in making a big splash in the marketplace, VSAG has the ingenuity, intellectual capital, experience and seasoned manpower of chefs, operators and systems experts to boost your concept into orbit.

How VSAG grows great concepts:

  • Builds operating structure from site selection to opening day
  • Implements training templates and operational systems
  • Provides side-by-side support and performance evaluation
  • Negotiates contracts and selects vendor
  • Blueprints optimum profit benchmarks to be achieved by day 59

Start-ups & Concept Development

Starting a new concept is tough enough, but particularly so in the restaurant business. Don't burn out by going it alone! Get VSAG on your team and increase your efficiency, creativity and profitability with our proven systems. Hire the VSAG operators, chefs and systems experts to do as much or as little as your budget (or ego) can withstand. From idea to opening, the VSAG process covers all the details and provides solutions for each new "tough" challenge.

Restaurant menu development is a science, and we are skilled at executing custom, imaginative and award-winning menus. Our core competencies in the development of new menus include:

  • Restaurant Menu Development featuring new items with costed recipes
  • Executive Chef Tools: master ingredient lists, specifications, order guides, prep and production schedules
  • Fully integrated systems to develop and roll out menus and recipes for all fresh food operations, restaurants, grocers, markets and bakeries
  • Creation, design and implementation of shift systems to deliver a wide range of menu and food items
  • Award-winning Executive Pastry Chef created dessert menus
  • Artisan bread programs and operating systems

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