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Engaging VSAG to help with your business plan ensures you avoid the companies and consultants that just churn out plan after plan after plan – how can they really provide fact-based plans unless they are actually opening and running restaurans and other food service and food product businesses? The simple answer: they can't. Copy, Paste, and Internet Research plus Opinion + Public Domain statistics: that's what you get from the "business plan writers."

With our firm, you are part of a collaborative process that focuses on concept development, foundational profit architecture, fact-based budgeting, a variety of other VSAG methodologies. We are used to taking concepts from business plan into the built environment and operating the business on a day-to-day basis, so we understand the accountability that comes with needing to have a REAL plan.

Restaurant plans, and new concept plans, need to accomplish several goals. While raising capital and forecasting expenses are at the top of list, the actual concept that gets developed, along with all the components (real estate, budget, target customers, business model) must be balanced to create a plan that not only reads well, but that actually works.

Ask yourself – whom do you want helping you with your plan? A person, or some web-based company, that only specializes in restaurants plans or food concept plans? Or, is it a company like VSAG that not only writes a lot of plans, but also actually follows and implements the plans to go from paper to bricks/mortar to profit?

Restaurant planning, and foodservice concept planning in general is something best done not by copywriters and editors and software, but by a real hands-on operations-based firm.

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