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Restaurant Business Plans That Work

Original, unique, attention-getting, profitable. Everyone wants that in a successful food and beverage operation. After all, business is business, and it's great to have fabulous food, but if the overall concept doesn't work from top to bottom, you've just got great food.

VSAG is leading the industry with new concepts that are grabbing headlines, winning awards, drawing crowds and delivering on the bottom line. See our full list of project types at left, and read more in the restaurant services areas below to see the extent and range of what we do.

Start Up Services

Launching a new restaurant requires an enormous amount of knowledge and experience that even the most experienced restaurateur will find daunting. With the vast knowledge behind VSAG, we can help you at every step, from concept to opening, helping every step of the way to realize your vision.

Restaurant Business Plans

Our expertise in creating restaurant business plans comes from the fact that we are real restaurant operators. We have the day-to-day experience, combined with all our development experience, to write plans that are fact-based. Our restaurant business plans are 100% created from scratch and customized to your concept and your business. Read more »

Brand Filtering / Identity Development

You have your idea and are laying out the restaurant, but you need to create a real brand that can be packaged and sold, whether to investors, guests or the media. VSAG can guide you as you create your image and develop systems that will keep it consistent across the board, from the decor to the menu.

Restaurant Profit Architecture

At the heart of VSAG's expertise is our fluency with Foundational Profit Architecture™. Food services businesses must have a restaurant business plans that balance a multitude of factors, such as rent, check average, dine time, kitchen throughput and guest count, just to name a few. When developing a new concept or attempting to improve or fix an existing operation, we focus on the foundational math, which we call Profit Architecture™.

A signature element of VSAG’s consulting services during our concept development is our firm’s ability to see and balance all relevant components of the business, brand, operating model and strategy in order to create the foundation that allows for premium profit. It is this process that allows the concepts we develop to generate profit quickly and to focus on the investors as much as on the guests. Our client-facing process of focusing on the foundational math is what we call Profit Architecture™.

Profit Architecture

During our assessment services, a vital element is the evaluation of what we call Profit Architecture™. Your operation may be architected to do high volume or to be enjoyable for the guest to be in the space, but more important is that it is balanced to produce premium profit and to generate increasingly improved returns as revenue increases. Indeed, with the correct Profit Architecture™, your operation is able to produce profit even when faced with substantial ups and downs in revenue. Profit Architecture™ includes a multitude of components, some of which are brand positioning, rent, kitchen and bar throughput, check average and dine time.

The list goes on and includes several ratios and health of the business targets and can vary by concept, but it is always relevant and vital to develop a concept based on solid ground that we define as Profit Architecture™ — it is this foundation that will allow for guests who are thrilled and investors who are thrilled, and create an enterprise that has longevity and growth potential.

Design Concept Books

A restaurant concept starts with a vision — and ends up as a built environment. The process in between is where hospitality design concepts are created and used to illustrate the inspiration, look, feel, aesthetics, functionality and floor plans of a project.

Investor Presentations

You’ve created your restaurant business plans and have the identity to show to investors, but how do you best go about that? VSAG can work to create the ideal presentation, tailored to the specific investor and environment, taking the stress of the pitch down a notch so you can focus on bringing in the funds.

Project Management

The hospitality business changes constantly, and VSAG can help to manage your business’s next steps. From a renovation to broadening a brand into a new field, our project management team can keep you on track and focus your resources to achieve the next level for your business.

Concept Repositioning

The idea launched and worked, but what do you do when the concept isn’t hitting the sweet spot it used to? Rely on VSAG to help redefine your brand and reposition the business into a profitable, well-oiled machine.


You know your next step, and you’ve planned your concept’s future, but you need help in making it happen. VSAG will take that plan and turn it into action, using our network of talent and resources to ease your transition and ensure its implementation goes off without a hitch.

New Restaurant Openings

A new restaurant launch will need many resources and energy that can tax any team. VSAG creates operating structures from A to Z, from site selection to opening day, by creating training templates and offering side-by-side support and performance evaluation. With vendor selection and contract negotiation available, we can work to keep your bottom line on target and to achieve optimum profit benchmarks by day 59.

Food Truck Consulting

Traditional restaurants prepare and cook raw ingredients in a bricks-and-mortar building, with a kitchen that boasts space for people, ingredients and equipment. Food trucks, however, are far from traditional. This new generation of mobile cuisine — without storefronts or fixed locations — is taking off and forcing restaurateurs to rethink core aspects of their business model. But food trucks literally provide a moving bundle of challenges, and VSAG is well-versed in key elements of this new restaurant business model. From concept development and implementation, culinary development, menu design and mobile food production to business scalability, kitchen and commissary kitchen capability and simplified expansion planning; compliance with USDA guidelines, mobile vending rules and storage to operational systems, marketing and logistics, VSAG food consultants hold the keys to making your food truck run smoothly — and profitably.

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