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Washington Business Journal Announces Founding Farmers Second Location

On October 21, VSAG offered Washington Business Journal editors initial details in reference to the next Founding Farmers location. The Journal published news of VSAG’s plans to open a sister Founding Farmers restaurant in Montgomery County, MD next Fall. As the first Founding Farmers has flourished since opening in Washington, D.C. in September of 2008, VSAG is confident that this second installment will prove just as successful.


VSAG Partner Featured in WSJ

Kudos to CarbonFund for the recent article in the Wall Street Journal highlighting the trend of making a positive move to reduce carbon footprints – the yearly amount of carbon dioxide we emit into the environment – for big corporate leaders like Amtrak, Jet Blue, Hyundai and Dell.  VSAG is also a subscriber,  reducing the carbon footprints of restaurant clients like Founding Farmers and Farmers & Fishers, with the purchase of carbon offsets through   In 2009 alone, VSAG purchased credits to offset more than 72 tons of carbon dioxide to reduce the environmental impact of the restaurants.  It’s… read more


Reducing Environmental Impact the VSAG Way…

…and sharing the news and information with the industry is part of the VSAG mission, from inside the restaurants to beyond our clients’ doors to their guests and customers.  Operating in an environmentally friendly way is inherent to successful restaurants Founding Farmers and Farmers & Fishers, both in Washington, DC, so whenever the request comes in for insight and industry knowledge on green restaurants, VSAG’s Dan Simons is there to share what he knows, recognizing the importance of continuous education for the public  – and the hospitality industry  –  on making smart choices in operations, menu and environments that are… read more


Restaurant Patrons Save Green, Eat Green

Can the promise of a free cupcake or some cold hard cash work better than dire predictions of dying polar bears and rising sea levels at getting people to cut their carbon footprint?  For diners at Farmers & Fishers and Founding Farmers it can!   Both VSAG managed and operated restaurants are in partnership with EarthAid, a Washington, DC based company that offers members points that can be cashed in for rewards like free spa treatments and discounts on everything from yoga classes to energy audits and organic baby clothes. A recent article in Energy Daily highlights the benefits of… read more


VSAG Responds to Washington Post Article on Sustainability

From Dan Simons, VSAG co-Founder, in Response to the December 7, 2009 article by Jane Black that appeared on the front page of The Washington Post:

We’re thankful to Jane Black for bringing such an important topic – sustainable agriculture and what it means to be a green restaurant committed to sustainable business practices – to the front page of The Washington Post. How much more important can this topic get for foodies and restaurateurs? Not much more, but we’re glad that there is focus on a successful business in Washington, DC, that is working to help American family farmers and pushing the envelope on a broad array of topics that go well beyond the superficial, easy topics…. read more

VSAG Adds Farmhouse Pizzas to Farmers & Fishers Menu

VSAG’s chefs are back at the pizza oven, this time with farmhouse pizzas.

Pizzas from a farmhouse? Never heard of it? Well, for something classic yet new with a farm-fresh twist, Farmers & Farmers & Fishers' New PizzasFishers now has a vibrant selection of artisanal pizzas on the menu.

The chefs are dedicated to serving true, American-farm ingredient pizzas that include selections like ‘New Haven Clam Pie’, the ‘Loaded Baked Potato’, ‘American Salami and Tender Meatballs’ and ‘Firefly Goat Cheese, Leek and Wild Mushroom’, just to name a few…. read more


Farmers & Fishers Carrot Cake "The Best" at Arts On Foot!

VSAG is proud of how well our client Farmers Fishers Bakers did at the Arts on Foot event. They sold over 700 slices of carrot cake! Here’s the Farmers Fishers Bakers blog post:

Arts On Foot LogoWell, Farmers Fishers Bakers is certainly going to claim that title even if there wasn’t a true competition!  This past Saturday they sold more than 700 slices of our scrumptious, homemade carrot cake roll with whipped cream cheese frosting, candied walnuts, and caramel drizzle at Arts on Foot…that’s a LOT of cake!… read more


VSAG Chief Mixologist Jon Arroyo Makes News

VSAG Chief Mixologist and director of our bar and beverage programs Jon Arroyo was visited by mixology industry Pegu blogger Doug Winship on a recent visit to Washington, D.C. Check out his review of Farmers & Fishers‘ cocktail program, and gain some great insights into what makes Jon’s cocktail crafting stand out.  TIki cocktails, anyone?


VSAG Launches Farmers & Fishers

Farmers & FishersVucurevich Simons Advisory Group (VSAG) the restaurant team that conceptualized, manages and operates the bustling and award-winning Founding Farmers in downtown DC announces the opening of  Farmers & Fishers, an evolution of the Farmers brand to the waterfront. After just over four months of extensive food menu design and creation, transformation of the bar program to highlight a Tiki Bar menu, and a refreshing of the interiors with new colors, fabrics and artwork, the new Farmers & Fishers is ready for guests. The new concept officially opens on Wednesday, June 24, though guests have been seeing the changes over the last couple of weeks.

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