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Valerie Zweig - Director of Conceptual Projects

Valerie Zweig: Director of Conceptual Projects

As one who eats for a living (and for pleasure), Valerie Zweig is well versed in many aspects of the restaurant world: from dining trends to design trends, chefs to cooking techniques, stemware to sommeliers. Every element of a dining experience (whether at a restaurant or at home) is a peek into the personality and identity behind a restaurant or chef, and Valerie eats up every bite.

Valerie moved to Los Angeles to attend college at the University of Southern California. While there, she was a sports writer for USC’s Daily Trojan and then an editorial assistant for Angeleno magazine, a luxury lifestyle publication. All the while, Valerie kept her hands in the pot, working as an assistant at The New School of Cooking in Culver City. 

After graduating with a BA in Print Journalism, Valerie moved to New York City to attend the Institute of Culinary Education. While pursuing the professional culinary program at ICE, she continued writing and editing at La Cucina Italiana and The Magazine of Italian Cooking & Living.

When she graduated cooking school, she moved to the world of public relations. Valerie spent over five years with Bullfrog & Baum, one of the leading hospitality Public Relations, Marketing and Consulting firms. During her tenure there, she worked with over 50 restaurants, chefs and food brands to launch new concepts and develop their brand identities. At Bullfrog & Baum she found a niche in promoting and marketing the hospitality industry. From dreaming up creative concepts to executing marketing programs, Valerie’s creativity and passion was always coupled with an ability to identify the end result, creating brand-appropriate, fun and successful programming.

At VSAG, Valerie is a Project Manager on many of our development projects, both in the United States and internationally. She relishes research and loves nothing more than diving into the ethos of a project:  From the cuisine to the city, the stakeholders to the potential guests; all provide inspiration to create a relevant story and foundation for any project. Valerie adds her passion for everything culinary as an added layer to all her projects. Her commitment to defining and defending brands, combined with her practical culinary background and strong communication skills make Valerie an indispensable asset to VSAG.

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