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Jon Arroyo - Service and Bar Specialist

Jon Arroyo: Chief Mixologist & Beverage Director, The Farm

Jon Arroyo is more than just a great bartender – he lives and breathes imbibing, from how to create a successful bar program and proper mixology service, to training and creating unique bar menus. Jon’s leadership and ability to create exciting, revenue-generating bar programs is clear from his work with concepts like Founding Farmers and Farmers Fishers Bakers restaurants, as well as with the Alembic Cocktail Catering Company in Washington, D.C.

Jon started his career in the acting world and, like most actors, spent a lot of time working in restaurants and bars. The world of entertainment and hospitality clicked for him when he joined the Houston’s restaurant brand. There he developed a true culinary appreciation for fine spirits, fresh ingredients, and handcrafted juices behind the bar.

After seven years with Houston’s, Jon was recruited to open a new concept in Philadelphia — Smoke Joint BBQ, modeled after Bluesmoke in New York. Sponsored by the folks behind Jim Beam brands, Jon helped develop the whiskey bar concept at Smoke Joint, which quickly became the hottest new concept in town. After his success in the culinary world, Jon returned to acting, working on commercials and other thespian pursuits.

Ultimately Jon was pulled back to his true passion of bartending when he was approached to lead Founding Farmers’ innovative bar program in 2008, which went on to win the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington RAMMY Award for Best Beverage/Mixology Program in 2011.

Jon continues to innovate and explore the world of high quality mixology as The Farm’s Chief Mixologist & Beverage Director, overseeing the mixology and non-alcoholic beverage programs at Founding Farmers DC, MoCo’s Founding Farmers, and Farmers Fishers Bakers in Washington, D.C.

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