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Our expertise as food consultants and understanding in the food and beverage industry doesn't end with updating restaurant services or changing menu design. We've lived each aspect of what we do, across our team and through our clients. We've also gained knowledge in a variety of other areas that are important, and knowledge-worthy of VSAG's resources.

OpenTable Consulting

VSAG’s OpenTable Consulting Team spent years both in restaurant management and in software development, and approach any optimization plan from both sides of the desk. Helmed by Bethany Potter, a software expert with OpenTable configuration and optimization, our VSAG OpenTable Consulting Team has successfully reengineered Front of House solutions for restaurants in Washington, DC and across the country. Our team provides training, utilization and comprehensive knowledge of OpenTable, as well as analysis and restructuring of reservation process to gain maximum profitability. At VSAG we know that Technology + Methodology = Hospitality, and we offer custom-designed restaurant optimization programs to help streamline your front of house operations. Unless your management team is proactively optimizing your OT software and make ongoing revisions based on the data, its a certainty that you are restraining the restaurant from its maximum sales. You can’t afford to NOT optimize your Front Desk and Reservations System.

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Due Diligence for Restaurant Acquisitions

Planning to acquire a restaurant? VSAG’s experienced restaurant operations and finance teams can help identify both red flags and value creation opportunities for you and your potential investors. Our due diligence can support in answering: what can I do with the target restaurant? Is this the right deal and price?

We focus on the key issues of a business and provide a clear view on the robustness of current operations. Client benefits include: identifying hidden upsides, delivering a robust analysis of risks and opportunities to leverage for financing needs, clarifying a target’s operational deficiencies, and identifying and validating synergies with other businesses in your portfolio.

VSAG also assists sellers. We provide an independent assessment of management’s business plans, prepare for bidder’s key questions, provide vendor due diligence, and prepare business for sale.

Social Media Marketing

Welcome to the 21st century... short of operating a virtual restaurant, VSAG has gained industry edge with mastery of social media marketing as a critical aspect to any marketing and guest-development strategy.

  • Everyone's going mobile, including restaurants. VSAG knows how to leverage that mobility for sales.
  • What's there to tweet about? VSAG clients and concepts are making news — 140 characters at a time.
  • Can a restaurant have fans? Absolutely! VSAG understands guest loyalty and how to make your guests brand ambassadors.

Buzz is not just about great food and seeing a chef’s demonstration on TV — it’s about embracing the digital world and all it offers to turn ordinary concepts into savvy, attention-getting concepts. Read more »

Purchasing & procurement services

Whether you have one site or hundreds, purchasing supplies and ingredients can take staff time and energy that are better spent on other endeavors. VSAG can take your purchasing and procurement off-site, so it’s taken off your to-do list. Working within your own system, VSAG will fulfill procurement services in a way that improves on previous systems and helps save time and money in the process.

Expert Witness Testimony

Lawsuits are headaches that sometimes can’t be avoided. Attorneys have turned to VSAG many times to understand the restaurant industry better. Using VSAG as your expert witness can help a jury or judge better understand your business, and with a third-party expert on your side you’ll gain integrity, whether in the courtroom or in a deposition.

Technology systems = RFPs, POS Selection

Now that computers and automation affect every aspect of operations, even selecting a POS can be a time drain. Turn to VSAG to draw on our knowledge of the field and to help fabricate RFPs to send to vendors. Or use past successes as templates for your own concept — whether it’s an upgrade or a brand new system.

Food Safety Audits & Systems

Whether you’ve had problems in the past or are looking to avoid them in the future, experts in food safety can ensure you are following best practices and improving your chefs’ systems. VSAG offers processes and systems to keep your kitchen clean and serving food that surpasses the health department’s requirements.

HR Services

Running a restaurant is hard enough without having to deal with paychecks, benefits and employee relations. VSAG can advise and consult on all aspects of your HR department, giving you someone to turn to if you have trouble with an employee or if you need to find ways to reward your best workers. From recruitment to termination, VSAG has the background to help make all transitions easier on the business.

Product Development & Launch

Hospitality businesses are finding products as a great way to increase guest interest and to create a new revenue stream. VSAG has launched products for chefs, restaurants and hotels as a way to differentiate their services, and we can offer you our expertise as you move toward launching your new product.

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